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About Us

The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (HKFTU) was founded in 1948. We have a total of 253 affiliated and associated unions, representing a wide spectrum of sectors, including all means of transport (land, sea and air), government organizations, public utilities, clericals and professionals, tourism, catering and retailing industries, service industry, manufacturing, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing, and construction, etc. With a membership of over 420,000, HKFTU is the largest labour organization in Hong Kong.
For decades, HKFTU has lived up to the principles of “patriotism, solidarity, rights, benefits, participation”. We are dedicated to fully participating in labour, social and political affairs, safeguarding the rights of employees and providing a variety of welfare services to meet the needs of members and people of Hong Kong.

HKFTU’s first priority is to safeguard labour rights and fight for the welfare of employees. HKFTU always strives for the best interests of grassroots workers as well as clerical staff, including banking staff, teachers and civil servants, by advocating their rights and benefits, providing value-added studying courses and medical services.


For all these years, from our hard-earned battle for severance payment, the enactment of the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance, and the retirement protection to employees, to minimum wage legislation, we stand at the forefront of defending labour’s rights and welfare. As we focus on the livelihood as well as ‘work-life-balance’ of all employees, HKFTU advocates the introduction of standard working hours in order to set a standard on weekly working hours and ensured paid overtime.